Where we have come from

Prostalk have been in the hunting business for 15 years. We have developed our business from a single location in the UK offering deer stalking to many locations all across Europe. Our reputation is built on your satisfaction and we are fully committed to do everything possible to make your visit an experience of a lifetime. ProStalk Europe deal direct with owners of the shooting Conssessions therefore there are no additional agents fees. We are also now able to offer Africa Safari’s whether that is for hunting purposes with a gun or camera.

We have expertise in may forms of hunting and wildlife management. Derek the owner and founder of Prostalk is a full qualified Deer Manager, has spent many years as a Game Keeper and worked for the Forestry Commission managing deer across many of the UK forests.

What we can offer is a diverse range of hunting across Europe, although we find in the main our customers are looking for the following:

Wild Boar is very common across many countries of Europe, including Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. Prostalk are able to offer hunting in all these countries. Our packages vary from fully inclusive, exclusive driven hunts to highseats and driven hunts around maize crops, during the cropping season​

Red deer, Fallow Deer, Roe Deer are present in most of the European Countries that we Hunt in. Just contact us with your enquirey. We also have Sika Deer, Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer available.

Moose Hunting. We have Moose Hunting available in Estonia. This is first class Hunting in a large Forest Estate 8000ha. Accommodation is in an old Castle (Now a 4* Hotel) in the centre of the Estate.

Mouflon Hunting. We have Mouflon Hunting in Poland, Romania and Czech Republic. Hunting for these animals can be Driven, Stalking on Foot or from Highseats. Accommodation again is firstclass within a few klm’s of the hunting area.





Aimpoint Official Channel: Clips above are from the Wild Boar Five series of videos, featuring sights from the Aimpoint Hunter series.

At Prostalk we pride ourselves at being able to satisfy our customers. We are able to off our customers a wide range of hunting all across Europe but now we can also offer some of the most exciting hunting possible in South Africa. We specialise in plains game and work very hard with the landowners to manage the animals with conservation in mind. Conservation is at the heart of what we do becuase if the animals are properly managed then the animals, local communities and the landowners all benefit.

If you are interested in hunting in South Africa then please visit our Prostalk Safari’s website by clicking the link below.